Communicator “Hustler” Wanted

Looking for a partner to promote our business cause.


  • Good verbal communications skills.
  • Desire to work hard and make a difference.
  • Ability and a desire to learn and grow.
  • Interest in information technology, software, and online role-playing games (MMORPGs).
  • Interest in promoting a great cause through whatever means: writing, images, videos, audio, face-to-face, phone call, online meetings, etc…
  • Tools: Google documents and spreadsheets.
  • To know or learn:
    • Content Marketing.
    • Image, audio and video editing software.

About Us

You can read some about us here: | about-us

Some Q&A on our why, how and what:

WHY do we exist?

To “level up” people

HOW do we level up people?

Through game-changing solutions

  • Create and develop businesses, software, processes, methods, and systems that satisfy actual needs

Devotion to the right people

  • Care for individual coworkers, clients, customers, and fans

Continuous improvement and learning

  • Encouraging personal study and growth
  • Look for and embrace new methods, ideas, process, tools, etc…

Autonomous collaboration

  • Work anywhere
  • BUT work as a team
  • Find, embrace and use the tools and systems that support this


  • Allow for learning
  • Allow for mistakes, by implementing “safety nets”
  • Allow for and embrace the weird, bizarre, an estranged
  • If possible, we give people a second chance

WHAT do we do, that demonstrates why and how?

Leadership in IT Solutions

Multiplayer Online Role-playing games (MMORPGs)


Content Marketing

Ideas of some of the work to be performed:




Base income, profit-sharing and equity

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