We provide game-changing solutions. Solutions that create and develop businesses, software, processes, methods, and systems that satisfy actual needs. We are not content to simply fulfill a contract or check a box. For a solution to be game-changing it must make a real difference. We specialize in making a difference: designing and building game-changing solutions that impact people’s lives for the better.

Our solutions are focused in the following areas:

  • IT Business Consulting.
  • Software Architecture.
  • Software Design and Development.
  • Web Development.
  • Contract Programming.
  • Automated Software Testing.
  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Project Management
  • IT Training and Mentoring.
  • Database Design.
  • General IT Consulting.

Solution Highlights

  • Lead design effort of a functional prototype, reporting dashboard framework, for Mantech Inc. and The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
    • – Ruby, JavaScript, Google Charting API, and HTML technologies used
  • Lead efforts to design and implement the first NoSQL database (MongoDB) in the VA
    • – Node.js, MongoDB, Java/JEE, .Net, and Ruby technology used
  • Provide leadership and expert level IT support for the company RemedyEHR
    • – Technologies: CentOS Linux, Windows Desktop, Mobile App, C#, Java, Oracle, Amazon AWS, PHP, MySQL and Mirth
  • Designed and developed a mobile application to control a robotic glove used for physical therapy
    • – Java and Android technology used
  • Turned around a failing online role-playing game (MMORPG) business Rule The Seas, LLC
    • – PHP, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL technologies used
    • – Role-playing game design
    • – Implemented freemium (F2P) business model solutions
  • Constructed a framework in Perl to migrate website hosting accounts between servers for High Speed Beb and Bluehost companies
    • – Perl, clustered MySQL and Linux technology
  • Released two Xbox Live Indie games for the business Creaturesoft
    • – C# and Microsoft XNA Technologies

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